The Adventure Begins

  The decision had been made, the sea trials and survey had went very well. The closing date had been set. Little did we know that hurricane Isabel had made the same date in Annapolis.

  After a harrowing trip, with trees falling in front of us on the interstate and a long night's drive, we arrived to find Annapolis flooded by the storm.The boat had come through the storm unscathed, thanks to Tommy and "Geese", of the Chesapeke Catamarn Center, and Dinnis Bixler of Multihull Co. She was safe and ready for us to take ownership. And it had finally come to pass. 

This was the beginning of a new life. We had talked, and dreamed of this day. And it had finally come true.

 This would be one of many trips to commision and provision for the trip home to Bohicket/Charleston.


The Plan


     The plan was to wait till after the boat show to bring her home. Dennis Bixler of Multihull Company had agreed to baby sit her and move her around to keep her out of the way during the show until we got back to start the trip home.

  Not knowing a lot about diesels and needing a little help, we decided to ask Fred Elson/Mentor to fly up from Ft. Lauderdale and help with the delivery trip. He had been around yachts all his life and would prove to be a huge asset, except; he had a plan to eat as many crabs as possible from Annapolis to home. I never knew how much a little fellow like him could eat and sh-t.

  I had figured that it would take approximately ten or twelve days for the trip if we did not tarry and pushed it a little. I had not learned schedules did not work for sailing yet. So we would shove off on November 14, which would also give us the Thanksgiving holiday for extra days off from work.

  The plan was set and ready to implement!! We had joined the ranks of sailing poor



Bring On Another Thousand

We had NOT learned what that phrase meant until now!!!!!!!!


  The genset installation and an engine tune up had been scheduled (that dreaded word again) to take place before we arrived. BUT when we arrived the mechanic was still working on it. Not a real problem as we had arrived a day early, and he assured us it would be done in time (another lesson learned, don’t believe boat mechanics).


  We provisioned and set the boat up to our liking so far nothing but fun. That night we picked up Fred aka “crab eating machine” at the airport. Naturally he was late, and while waiting in the car, Diane had managed to bump into the car in front of her. When Fred and I arrived back at the car, the lady (LARGE black lady) did not take lightly to Diane bumping her car and was wanting to kick her little southern ass. The lady’s husband (LARGE black man) had arrived on scene the same time as the police and us. Diane had locked herself in the car, but the men determined no harm no fowl, and we headed back to the boat.


  The next morning we were to pay the mechanic what we thought we owed. New lesson was nothing costs what you think it will on a BOAT. So we had to Bring Out Another Thousand!!!


    But the genset was installed, the engine supposedly serviced, the able-bodied crew ready, and we were headed south.